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    How Promotions Work


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    How Promotions Work Empty How Promotions Work

    Post  Commish on Sat May 26, 2012 2:10 pm

    Everyone is assigned to one of the 3 Promotional Companies

    Spartan Empire Promotions

    Don Kings Promotions

    Swifty Promotions

    - The Promoter is responsible for setting up fights for the fighters in their promotion
    (You can have your fighters fight eachother)

    - It makes the matchmaking more effective
    If a Promoter wants to set his fighter up in a match with a fighter from another promotion
    just contact the promoter and negoitate the fight card.

    - Now we also have 3 Rankings in total, GCB,UBF and FNC

    - Spartan will set up GCB sanctioned matches

    - Don King will set up the UBF sanctioned fights

    - Swifty will set up the FNC sanctioned fights

    Promotions do not tie into the rankings so every fighter will be ranked in each organization

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